The Merkabah Chronicles

From Hambry to Darnagal

Strange happenings on an otherwise calm city.

It was a pleasant sunrise that awoke the Moss household, deep in the Barony of Hambry. Inhaling the clear, crisp air, Maximilian walked out his father’s house with an important missive to deliver. Just the night before, Donald Moss handed him a rosewood box. Locked within, a precious present for the Regent of Darnagal lay. And with his father’s best wishes, Max set forth on the adventure of a lifetime.

At the same time, daily routines were being executed within the walls of The City of Darnagal. It’s inhabitants giddy with anticipation, as today marked the beginning of the Summer Vale Fair. Realizing that his pantry was empty of meat for his trusty hawk, Luccas ventured into the market, seeking this and some other items on his shopping list. Not long into his forays, he recognized his old friend Thorbal, a warrior priest of the city, engaged in amicable conversation with a dust ridden stranger.

Luccas approached his friend, and after a quick introduction, he too was an acquaintance of Max, who had come to the city to deliver a missive for the regent.

“Thief!” shouted an old lady near them, in the market. Remembering that a youngster bumped into him earlier, Max reached for the inlaid rosewood box… only to find it was gone!

Off he ran after the urchins who stole his parcel! Thorbal and Luccas both exchanged a look of uncertainty and followed after their new friend.

Max ran after the youngsters who took the lady’s purse, and by his reckoning, his box. And without noticing he ended up running deep into the South Docks district with his new friends on tow.

Recognizing the red bandannas the youngsters wore as the regalia of the gang known as The Warriors, Luccas advised caution as they walked into a stretch alleyway. He was not mistaken, as soon as they got into the alleyway, they were ambushed.

Clearly outnumbered, our heroes faced the might of The Warriors, led by Camelia, and her generals. The skirmish was a fierce one, and our heroes took some damage, but dealt twice as much.

In the end, they walked out victorious, and recovered young Max’s box. The Warriors took heavy loses to their numbers, but our heroes spared Camelia, hoping she would turn her ways.

On their way back to the Frisky Bear our heroes almost get run over a runaway cart. A quick glimpse identified it as a royal cart. As it cavorted away trough main street, headed towards the market plaza, our heroes realized the damage such a runaway vehicle could cause, and ran after it, along a small detachment of warrior acolytes led by Jasper, a fellow warrior priest they met earlier.

Alas, they were a bit late, as the cart crashed into a Summer Vale stall, and the stone wall behind it, shattering itself into smithereens.

As the acolytes surveyed the wreckage, Thorbal and Jasper came to inspect the contents of the cart, when they were flung away by a powerful hit! As their bodies hit the floor, Max, Luccas and the others saw how a mass of twigs, leaves and vines stood up and took form, and attack!

Some acolytes gave their lives to protect the city and it’s inhabitants from this terror. Our heroes fought bravely and held their ground, until the Inquisitor Maximus showed up and subdued the raging creature…

Beaten, wounded, tired, and puzzled our heroes are invited into Darnagal Keep.



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